Disney Princess HALF crazy..

I think every little girl at one point in her life wants to be a princess.

This is no different in my life. And so when an opportunity came to do a Disney Princess half marathon, I JUMPED at it!

Heres what you should know. I love running. Once upon a time I got frustrated and had my first run and I have been been running every since. If you’re not a runner, that might not make sense to you. The idea pushing your body past a point you think you can go and coming out on the other side victorious. It’s even better if there is a medal.

Last year my sister challenged me to do a #SpartanTrifecta which is basically 3 races of different lengths through over 50 obstacles (each race) all to be done in a year. This I thought was impossible until I did it. 28 miles, 190 burpees, 3 outfits.

Let me tell you, I earned every single one of those cuts and bruises and medals.

So, when a couple of my friends said they wanted to run around the Disney Parks, I thought ‘Yeah. I can do that.’

I mean, 13.1 miles? I can do that. Im a runner. I run all the time. Sort of.

But the Disney Princess Half is one of those bucket list things. To run around Walt Disney World AND get a medal? Thats the dream. So, me and two fantastic girls geared up and got ready.

There were some things that we didnt know going in. Here they are:

You need to be at the park at 3am!

Okay, thats crazy early right? So make sure you have a giant cup of coffee because you will have a couple hours to kill before the race starts. If you’re a lucky person, you will poop then. If not, it will be at mile 8..


Luckily, there are some cool things to do while you wait! There are princess’ around and you can take some of those coveted pictures where you pretend to be a princess.

Make sure to bring a jacket!!

I wish seriously that someone had told me this. Because, even though we are in Florida, at 4 am, Florida was about 50 degrees. And I was in a tank top.. Luckily, some very nice woman dressed as Mulan offered me her electric blanket.

If you bring a jacket, you might lose it.

THIS I was not expecting. I know a lot of professional runners go to thrift stores and buy jackets they have full intention of leaving on the side of the road. So when we got closer to the finish line, it was like a shopping mall of jackets and sweaters lining the barricades. I made an impulsive decision and grabbed one that someone left. It was the best decision ever.


I don’t know if you can see, but its a Hamilton/Disney runner jacket. It warmed my heart and my body.

Stop for photo ops!

IMG_7205You will be timed, and there are people who get taken off the route for not being fast enough. Don’t let the pressure of finishing with a good time stop you from taking some fantastic pictures.

There are tons of characters that have lined the 13 miles that you will run and are ready and excited to take pictures with you.

There will be lines. Because even though this is a race, this is still Disney and who doesn’t want to take a picture with a cute prince?

Everyone, thats right. So everyone will be in line. Keep that in mind. You should absolutely have time to take the pictures with the characters along the way.

For some groups, we just ran past though. You pick and choose the people who are worth waiting in line for.


Make sure you are smiling as you run, there are photographers ready to get candid shots!


Thats right, they are waiting around the park for you to make sure to get those coveted ‘THATS RIGHT I DID THIS’ pictures.

Fortunately for me, the girls I did this race did were not wanting to run the whole time. Which means every time I went past a photographer I was totally fine to run and smile.

These are especially fun if you are a planner and have your outfit picked out so that you look like a princess while you are running.

Like all the fabulous woman around me did. They have their lives together. I was just able to run and smile.


Run with people you like!

This sounds like something ridiculous to say. But 13 miles is not a joke. Thats at least 2 hours (if you’re running the whole time) that you have committed to hanging out with someone. IMG_7011

We “ran” the race in 4 hours and 45 minutes. This is not the best time to have. And although running is a physical sport, it is just as much mental. Anyone can run 3.1 miles and be fine at the end. But 13 miles is a feat and you want to make sure the people you run with are mentally ready to run that. We tested that theory and found a medal at the end made everything worth it!

Plan for napping post race!

For real though, even if you are a seasoned runner, there is nothing like the nap that comes after a race. And for the Princess Half, you have been up since 2am. Give your body a break. Go back to the hotel and just relax. At least for a couple hours until you’re ready to hit the park again for some Dole Whip!


Worst case scenario, you absolutely hate running (like Bethany) then after this race, you will never have to run again. And you have your medal to keep you happy that you did it. After all, aren’t we all just after the bling?


So run with perseverance the race marked out for you. Its worth it.

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