Barcelona; I wasn’t ready for it.

There is a Ed Sheeran song that has recently come out called Barcelona and I probably listened to it 600 times preparing myself for what I would imagine would be the best time of my life.

IMG_8745 2.jpg

I had been practicing my Spanish and preparing to be thoroughly embarrassed because I knew I was not using the proper Spanish, but a Cuban Spanish.

However, in every place I went to in Barcelona, English was spoken. Which is exciting for those who don’t want to practice a new language. It also offers a lot of help to those who thought they couldn’t go to Spain simply based off a language barrier.

There is so much to see and do in Barcelona that it would almost be impossible to do it all in a weekend. So we stayed longer. And it was fabulous.


Maybe its because I grew up in America where the country is still a baby compared to the rest of the world, but any building that is over 600 years old fascinates me.

It almost feels like you are back in a different world, walking among the people back then and hearing the ghosts of their stories. You can almost hear the banter of a different time and hear the swooshes of giant dresses flying past you in a hurry to get to wherever people went in the 1300's.

There are incredible cathedrals that are free to explore, or you can pay a couple of euro for a guided tour that leads up steeples and can promise insane views of the whole city.


One thing that I didn’t know about Barcelona that my friend did was that apparently they have the best clubbing scene in the world.

What you may not know about me is that I am not a clubber. You’re more likely to find me hiking a mountain than hiking my skirt up to get into a dance. BUT if its the best in the world, the its worth checking out.

What I wasn’t ready for was how late everything is in Spain. I had heard rumors of something wonderful called a siesta where everyone naps during the day so that they could eat tapas at 6 then dinner at 9.

When we found out that no one shows up at the clubs until 12, I almost dropped the whole idea.

But we were in Spain. So we ate amazing tapas then went to the room to change into our “club clothes”.

After talking to the host of the hostel we stayed in, we made our way to the club. We showed up at midnight thinking surely that would be late enough and were embarrassed to find that only foreigners were there. We were still early.


Some guys from Amsterdam started dancing with us, informing me that it was always his dream “to fall in love with a thick American girl” which ironically is not the way to win a girl’s heart. Dani had a guy dance with her to try to get into her purse. So watch out for creepers from every angle. They exist and if you’re dancing, keep your eyes open.


Because the club scene is supposed to be spectacular, we went to the clubs. Normally I wouldn’t go to a club, and neither would Dani. You’re more likely to see us hitting up a local pub or bookstore. But here we were, full faces of makeup and some cards for free drinks that were given to us on arriving.

So we went. Strangely enough, we recognized all the music. Apparently we had gone to a club that played primarily music that was used in Spanish commercials, and so some of them were English.

Thank you to all those salsa classes I took thinking I would be dancing salsa non stop.


But if clubbing is your scene, Barcelona is your place. My place will probably be on the coast of the Mediterranean where all the clubs lined up on. It makes a great post-dance walk. And if you’re not done drinking and carrying on, there are men on the beach to sell you anything you could want. As I wanted a bed and maybe some water, they were not helping me.

However, when you (as a traveler) are in a new place, you jump in with the world around you. It might be different and strange and out of your comfort zone. Good. Thats how you find out the best things about yourself.

Go to new places, see the world and join it. Until then, you’re the same person you’ve always been.

Have you ever been to Barcelona?

What was your absolutely favorite part?